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Sweetheart Layering Necklace

Sweetheart Layering Necklace

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About Sweetheart Layering Necklace:
This necklace features a stunning combination of three unique, beautifully detailed, layered necklaces. From top to bottom, they feature a lovely pink heart  with tiny swirls, an eight-sided awn star pendant and finally a sweet pink heart pendant. Wear them together or separately to create your own look. Give yourself one necklace with multi looks. The Sweetheart Layering Necklace has a center an eight-sided awn star pendant, plus spiral-like pink heart necklace and sweet pink hearton on each other  side. So versatile! Everyone will love this crispy pink heart necklace, adding a touch of elegance and class wherever you go. 
Material: Demi Fine Jewelry with 18k Gold Platinum

Swirls Pink Heart
Layering Chain:6.4cm

Eight Awn Star
Layering Chain:6.0cm
Sweet Pink Heart

Layering Chain:6.4cm

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