BHELMI was born as a Slow-living lifestyle-driven brand. We are holding on faith in the slow life quality, enjoy a bit of pleasure in dainty wearing at the moment.

We believe that capturing slow life moments will lead us to live a dainty aesthetic life.

Slow Living, Dainty Wearing.

One small piece of them may change our mood today, and it helps us create dainty vibes and personalities. It could easily stand for our style while we don't say a word.

18K Gold or Platinum Plated

Fine Minimalist Jewelry

Fine jewelry and accessories products at affordable prices.

Value Quality over Quantity.

Ethically Sourced Jewelry

All the products are ethically and directly sourcing from different designers, hand-made ateliers, and qualified factories.

Enjoy the little things.

Recycle more, planet-friendly.

Based on the sustainability and eco-friendly concepts of slow fashion.


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