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Dancing with Your Heart Necklaces

Dancing with Your Heart Necklaces

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About Dancing with Your Heart Necklace:
The "Dancing with the Heart" necklace set is inspired by the Chinese idiom "Heart-to-heart". In China, this idiom means that two hearts become one and are connected. Due to the introverted nature of Asian culture, emotions are pursued with an inclination towards harmony, chords, and melody that the ancients spoke about. In other words, we often treat each other as soul mates. If you are lucky enough to meet such a person in your life, you must cherish them, remember the tenderness of their heart, and dance with your heart.
The necklace set has a fashionable and elegant gold chain, and it features a white heart symbolizing a pure soul and a green heart symbolizing warm love. When these two hearts are superimposed and matched, they represent the heart-to-heart love that loves you as you love yourself.
Material: Demi Fine Jewelry with 18K Gold Plated
Layering Chain: 6.8cm
Weight: 5.5g

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