Don't miss these summer jewellery matching tips you must know!

Don't miss these summer jewellery matching tips you must know!

When summer comes, the outfits will always become dull and boring if you are not careful. Exaggerated and bold clothes or accessories look good, but they are not so suitable for girls who go to work or school. So how to wear simple clothes with a unique personal taste? My favorite of course - accessories to the rescue. After all, today, when everyone pays attention to fashion, these delicate little details are the key to winning.

But many girls will have a problem when choosing accessories, how to choose a single product or suit with a sense of design, high cost performance and texture, so today I want to recommend some accessories that are not very expensive but are definitely not easy to bump into. 

Layering Necklace
A single necklace can no longer satisfy us fashionistas. The superposition of two or more necklaces can make the neck more brilliant in summer.
carol necklace

This kind of length superimposed necklace can often bring more unexpected effects, because the sense of layering is more obvious, and the length of the neck is very modified. Even girls with shorter necks can wear swan necks.
jane layering necklace

The preferred coin necklace among the superimposed necklaces is the most popular of all styles. The design is simple and not exaggerated, and there is no sense of incongruity with any clothes, and it is suitable for all occasions.
Hestia Pendant

And if you want more patterns, you can try mixing and matching different materials. Combining necklaces with different style elements such as acrylic, glass, metal, shells, pearls, and ceramics will make the shape more lively.
miss rose earring set
But it should be noted that the layering of the superimposed necklace must be more obvious. If the length is close, it will easily give people a very messy feeling.

Of course, in 2022, the design of accessories has also become more and more diverse, incorporating more and more elements, and at the same time adding intimate little designs such as elastic adjustment and opening adjustment, so that people can adjust what they buy at will. Accessories, without worrying too much about the inappropriate size and the length that cannot meet the basic matching requirements when purchasing. In terms of ensuring the quality of accessories, it will also create more interesting combinations based on the attributes of K gold, so that the original single gold or silver accessories can highlight the wearer's temperament, and show a courage to try and unique creativity through accessories. 

Summer collocation Tips 1

In summer, if you wear V-neck clothes, it is very suitable for the decoration of long and short necklaces. The short chain is about the position of the collarbone, and the length of the long chain can reach the middle of the chest, which can fully lengthen the neck line, and it will look a little sexy.

There is also a new way to stack necklaces. If it is clothes with more exposed skin on the back, the necklace can be worn backwards to modify the butterfly bones.

Summer collocation Tips 2
If you choose brightly colored clothes, try to choose earrings with metallic colors or the same color, and avoid earrings with too large differences in color, so as not to steal the limelight of the clothes, and it will not appear that the overall shape is too hard.

If the color of the clothes you wear is relatively plain and there are no bright spots, you can choose earrings made of acrylic, marble and other materials with stronger color saturation, and add a touch of bright color, so as not to look too monotonous.

Summer collocation Tips 3
Summer is sultry. If you want to reduce the burden on your body and create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, you can try some handicrafts or some new materials, such as those we mentioned before. Acrylic, glass, metal, shells, pearls, ceramics, etc., these can make our shapes look more youthful. In addition, some natural accessories, such as flower groups, natural stones, fritillary, jade, etc., this color matching will also make us have positive emotions, let us enjoy the happiness and freshness brought by accessories.

Summer collocation Tips 4
In the sunny summer, like vacations, flying to different places for island vacations, enjoying the sun and the sand, wearing uniquely tailored swimsuits, and exquisitely crafted accessories can make us unique in this outdoor activity. .
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