Best Christmas gifts ideas 2021

Best Christmas gifts ideas 2021

Before you know it, Christmas is coming soon. Christmas is a holiday that everyone looks forward to every year! We will prepare gifts and express our love for those around us on these special holidays.
It is the time when we feel ourselves to be cherished by someone who loves us. Be thankful for the carefully prepared Christmas gifts.
On Christmas eve, the Christmas street light up, people leave the office building early, gather around the restaurants and bars full of cinnamon and red wine, drink and exchange gifts, enjoy this warm holiday.
Although the epidemic is still spreading, we still need to maintain the enthusiasm for life, as usual, do our best to live in the present, why not let us greet the last Christmas of 2021 with hope and happiness?
Maybe you are still wondering how to choose the right Christmas gift with a limited budget? How to prepare gifts for company employees? How to prepare a thoughtful little gift for family and lovers? How to embrace friends in the cold winter?
Then find Christmas gift inspiration with BHELMI!gift ideas christmas

We released the "This Is Christmas" collection with some pieces of jewelry celebrating the Christmas holiday! You can choose your favorite styles from various Christmas earrings, rings, and necklaces.
The entire collection is dedicated to people who are looking for a Christmas aesthetic on special days. Red and green are always the specific theme colors these days. You can find your favorite holiday elements, including Christmas trees, Santa, snowflakes, elk antlers, Christmas hats, decorative bows, etc. Hope everybody loves them!!!

Bow-knot Rings  $19.00 USD

Bow-knot Rings

Bow-knot Stud Earrings $19.00 USD

Bow-knot Stud Earrings
Pearly Bow-knot Earrings  $19.00 USD

Pearly Bow-knot Earrings
Christmas Decorating Earrings $19.00 USD

Christmas Decorating Earrings
Christmas Hats Earrings $19.00 USD

Christmas Hats Earrings
Christmas Tree Dangle Earrings $19.00 USD

Christmas Tree Dangle Earrings
Elk Ring  $29.00 USD

Elk Ring
Kristy Cherry Earrings $19.00 USD

We also launched The Moon Circles, a winter "jewelry gift list" collection 2021 for everyone. Its concept comes from "Lunar eclipse", circle" and "moon phase". We use a variety of round elements to infuse the jewelry with the aesthetic concept of life and express the perfect status of life. Using high-quality brass, it is not easy to deform and wear. The gold-plated ear needles are not easy to break and are not easy to allergic to. It is more comfortable to wear.

New Moon Stud Earrings $29.00 USD
The uneven metal texture creates a sense of exploration and adds interest to the earrings.

New Moon Stud Earrings

Full Moon Stud Earrings $29.00 USD
The inwardly rolled design of the ring makes the earrings full of design.
Full Moon Stud Earrings
Crescent Moon Dangle Earrings $29.00 USD
The circular design and superposition of layers of buckles increase the drape of the earrings.

Crescent Moon Dangle Earrings

Super And Micro Moon Chain Bracelets $39.00 USD
Circles of different rules are connected in series to form a bracelet, and the buckle at the end adds a sense of fashion to the bracelet.
Super And Micro Moon Chain Bracelets
Blood Moon Chains Bracelets $39.00 USD
The compact and uninterrupted irregular quadrilateral design, round buttons, and elliptical column design create an inadvertent touch.
Blood Moon Chains Bracelets
Blue Moon Bangles $49.00 USD
The double-opening round line brings out the simple and classic temperament of the bracelet.

Blue Moon Bangles


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